Who is this Jesus?

picture-2One of the things that’s been on my mind lately is that within Christianity generally, and also within evangelical circles, there are many different opinions of who Jesus is. These differing ideas about who he was shape how we interpret his mission and thus what the church is called to be.  In talking to believers you will find the healing Jesus; the preaching Jesus; the kind Jesus; the flipping over the tables Jesus and many other variations.

I guess that during certain times of our lives we tend to focus on certain attributes of Jesus.  This is based on where we are in life and what we are going through. At least for me it is difficult if not impossible to comprehend the fullness of who he is.  How do you wrap your mind around how someone can be fully God and fully man?

I think part of the role of the church is to help brothers and sisters come to a better understanding of this man we claim to be following.  And since none of us have a perfect understanding, what would it be like to share our understanding with each other?  

In this post I’m asking each of you to share a few characteristics and descriptions of who you understand Jesus to be.  What does Scripture tell us either directly or indirectly?  For some of us, we may discover aspects of Jesus we have never thought about and for some there may be things that make us uncomfortable.  Wrestle through those things and engage in the discussion.  We don’t have to agree on everything to gain insight from one another.

Together, let’s try to come to a better understanding of just who this Jesus is.  



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4 responses to “Who is this Jesus?

  1. It’s kind of interesting that you ask this question. When I think about my focus on Jesus as of late, I haven’t really focused on his characteristics, but on God’s mercy. Last year was a year of learning more about his mercies. I heard the Indescribable song by Chris Tomlin for the first time and the magnitude of my importance in God’s eyes grew.

    I would have to say that my view of Jesus is the leader, teacher, friend. I see him gathering the apostles, asking them to follow him. Being firm in his teachings, yet understanding of our weaknesses.

    This is a great question. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a great MLK day!

  2. Gosh, I could probably spend all night on this sense we tend to focus on things in our own life even when it comes to seeing others.
    I think of Jesus as a leader for all, not willing to go with the popular crowd if it is wrong.
    I see him as humble to the father with unwavering faith.
    Gosh, it’s really awesome to think about how many things he really is.
    Thanks for asking this.

  3. It’s awesome you wrote this piece. Actually, I was going to write about the samething. I guess you beat me to the punch lol.

    Jesus to me is a Healer, Friend, Deliverer, Savior, and Redeemer.

    I’m not trying to sound all churchy but Christ saved me from a life of drugs, gangs, and violence. He is my everything. I owe Him my life.

  4. I think about how when the Word became flesh, that flesh was Hebrew/Jewish. Studying the historical Jesus as a Jew helps me understand and appreciate God’s wisdom, mercy, grace, and enduring patience with all creation.

    And I’m also a big fan of the tossing-over-the-tables, in-your-face very Pharisaical Jesus. Fierce justice Jesus!