Matthew’s Begats and God’s Big Picture

This morning I picked up the Scriptures and started reading through Matthew’s account of the Gospel.  I didn’t get far before I had to stop.  For those who are familiar with Matthew’s book, you know it starts off with a genealogy, the family tree of Jesus.  Now I wouldn’t recommend that you start writing a book this way.  It is not the most attention grabbing beginning and there is no obvious hook to keep you reading.  However, as I was reading through this list again I was amazed at not just the names, and there are some big names in there, but at how much detail had to happen for this list to come together.  I was left in awe.   Just how big is this picture God is paining in his word?  Just how big is He to arrange all the details to bring about its completion?

As God put together just the right plan to bring about the birth of His Son, so too has God brought about your entrance into the world and the events that shape and make you who you are.  Take a moment to ponder the God who creates and orders and brings His plan to fulfillment this morning.

This is a video of Andrew Peterson singing through Matthew’s words.  May this song get stuck in your head and cause you to reflect on God’s greatness today.






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4 responses to “Matthew’s Begats and God’s Big Picture

  1. Duncan

    Yeah, thanks for posting – i’ll be singing that for a while…

    maybe i’ll memorize all that begat’ng – that won’t happen…

    great post to get a smile on my face – thanks

  2. The other thing to remember is the importance of genealogy to the Jews. Almost any Jew is Christ’s day could trace their lineage back to at least their tribes, if not further to Abraham. The importance here is the we see Jesus’ bloodline through Mary and Joseph (in Matthew and in Luke) all the way back to Adam and Eve. Roughly 4000 years of people from the ones that we first and the first to be promised a savior (Adam and Eve) to the Messiah. The promise was fulfilled. Plus, we are told that Christ is the Last Adam.

    • jeffabel

      For the Jews, the genealogy is the hook. The readers in the first century would have known know what the author was saying by the time they got to the end. Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham and is the long awaited Son of David. I think the church today at best skims over the genealogy if not skipping it altogether. There is much said in this passage if we take the time to read, dig and reflect.