Bringing Life

While I know it may seem odd at first and even a bit sacrilegious to some, this clip made me stop and think.  What does it look like to bring life to our world?  After all, isn’t this what we have been called to do?  Our creative God, created us in His image and called us to partner with him in the ongoing creation of the world.  He has called us to be the ones that bring life to the world.  Both physical and spiritual life.  Maybe the folks at Guiness are on to something.

To learn more about the Guiness company and the way that they have been involved in bringing life I would recommend the book The Search for God and Guiness.  You can read a short review here.


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  1. Stephanie

    I felt a similar way when I heard the country song “I love this bar”. It broke my heart that the lyrics should be able to be adapted to the Church but how we often fall short. Cause for thought.