The Good And Bad Seeds In The Kingdom

Good and Bad Seeds

Once there was a farmer who had a huge field. He had his servants sow the field with some of the the best wheat seeds in the village. Yet this farmer had an enemy, another farmer who was very jealous. And this second farmer snuck into that field at night and sowed zonin seeds. A rye grass that looks like wheat until the heads appear. A plant not entirely different from wheat, but a degenerate form of it. (Wheat and zonin do not violate the biblical requirement in Leviticus 19:19 that diverse seeds must not be sown together in the same field.)

The Zonin Revealed

As the crops grow and heads begin to form, the farmer’s servants discover the zonin mixed into the wheat. They went back to the farmer a bit confused. “Didn’t you sow good seed in your field?” they ask. “Where did these weeds come from”? The farmer immediately recognizes this is the work of his enemy.

Leaving the Zonin With The Wheat

“Do you want us to go out into the field and pull up the zonin?” the servants ask. But the farmer knows that by trying to destroy the zonin, the wheat will also be damaged. He instructs them to let them both grow until the harvest. Then they can be separated and the wheat stored in the barn and the zonin burned.

Zonin In The Kingdom

Jesus says this is a picture of the Kindgom of Heaven. In it you will find the good seeds, those who belong to the Kingdom. But mixed in with it are the zonin, those who belong to the Evil One.

Why do we seem surprised that the Evil One has sown seeds in the midst of the people of the Kingdom? And how often do we ignore the words of the good farmer and take it upon ourselves to try to separate the good from the bad, causing damage and uprooting the good wheat the farmer and his servants have planted, rather than waiting for the harvest as instructed?


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