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The Naked, Bloody Guy

The disciples grew up wondering what was on the other side. Of course they had never been there. No good Jewish boy willingly crossed over to the Decapolis, to the area of the pagans. And the land of the Geresanes — it was to be avoided at all costs. This was the area where the pigs were raised for sacrifices to the pagan gods and it was a Roman army outpost . No self-respecting Jew would set foot in that village.

So when Jesus set out in the boat with the boys you can imagine the look on their faces as they headed south-east. Peter asks, “Jesus, where are we going?” Jesus responds, “You’ll know soon enough.” Peter follows up, “But Jesus, it looks like we’re headed to the Decapolis, are you sure this is a good idea. What will people say?” Jesus smiled.

As they pulled up to shore they saw a man, or what looked like a man, come running down the hill from an area filled with burial caves. Some of the younger disciples started backing up into the boat. Jesus walked toward the man. Continue reading


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