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Why It’s Hard To Find Jesus At Church

There he was, sitting in his booth by the lake. No one talked to him as they passed, no one even acknowledged he was there as they went to hear this Rabbi speak. He had lost his place in the community. He had sold out. Levi came from a priestly line,his family had served in the Temple and before that the Tabernacle. But not him or his father. Their family had turned their backs on their Jewish brothers and sisters and had sided with those who occupied their land. He was out collecting taxes for the Romans, learning the new family business. And because of this, they were hated by their neighbors.

A few hours later as the crowd dispersed, the Rabbi walked by the booth with his disciples. Levi, seeing them coming dropped something and leaned over to pick it up so as not to make eye contact with Jesus. But Jesus stopped, and with just a couple of words changed Levi’s life forever. He said, “Follow me!” And Levi did. Continue reading


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