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Lost in the Busyness of Ministry

As you read through Mark chapter 6 there is just a lot happening.

  • Jesus returns to Nazareth and the people are astounded and offended by his words. 
  • Jesus takes the disciple to the surrounding villages and continues his teaching 
  • Jesus sends the twelve out in pairs, giving them authority over unclean spirits and instructing them to preach a message of repentance
  • Herod has heard about Jesus and thinks he might be John the Baptizer raised from the dead and begins to keep an eye on Jesus
  • Jesus feeds the crowd of 5,000
  • The disciples set out in the boat for Bethsaida and a storm blows in. Soon we find Jesus walking across the sea to them.
  • And as soon as they landed, people began bringing the sick to be healed.

Quite a chapter.

But in the middle of it all there is a paragraph that is often lost in the busyness of the ministry that is happening. One that we would do well to read and re-read. Continue reading


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